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On the Road is a motorcycle adventure. A documentary series which stars Guillermo Torrente and Emmanuelle Rivalland, a passionate travellers with an interest in motorcycles eager to travel along the Pan American highway. In the course of this journey they will discover the many know hows that exist while going to meet men, woman and organisations that persue their dreams while sharing their knowledge and continue doing good for others. On the road: A human adventure.


Episode 1 : Mexico

« On The Road … the cloud of glass»

Recycling of rainwater

More than 10 million Mexicans do not have access to tap water. In Mexico DF, at least 250000 people live without network connection, more than a million others have occasional connection or receive contaminated water.

The team will visit the project Isla Urbana. This project occupies themselves with trying to find alternative ways to bring clean water to the community. At the moment they are collecting rainwater. They have created a system that allows them to capture the rainwater and make it suitable for drinking. This system will give the community between 5 and 8 months of drinking water per year.


On the Road" found its origin in a previous adventure, crossing Iran on a motorcycle. Coming back from this amazing journey, in June 2015, arose the idea of this project. It began to take shape around a common need: The need to share these undiscovered beautiful places that are rich in culture and history with the rest of the world.

Three years later, the "On the Road" team project is ready to travel along the Pan American route, supported from a distance by a group of active members who will give support in the completion of the different aspects of the project.


Episode 2 : Guatemala

« On The Road to… a legendary bird » 

Environment protection / maintaining a species

The emblem is an important symbol for each country. It often represents its values and origins. When it is a living being threatened with extinction, the importance of its preservation becomes even greater, especially if this emblem is a key player in reforestation. Several associations were created to protect the legendary bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal.

Episode 3 : Nicaragua

« On The Road to… a deal between Earth and humans »

Sustainable farming / Permaculture

Permaculture is a way of farming that respects the natural cycle of nature. It is an agriculture that works with and for the earth to respect the natural order by keeping the wild side of garden. This technique provides a durable and sustainable way of farming that respects the natural cycles of earth and the local environment. We are going in the Ometepe Island, in the center Zopilote.

Episode 5 : Panama

« On The Road to… a very different energy »

Sustainable energy

We know several ways to produce energy, each with a more or less powerful result. These different ways of producing energy depend on what it will be used for.

We will discover a technique that will allow houses to be autonomous, to be able to produce hot water and heating by themselves without having a negative impact on the environment. We will meet someone who will explain how to use this organic waste to produce the enough energy for daily life.

Episode 7 : Equateur

« On The Road to… a protector »

Environment protection / Reintroduction

Ecuador offers an astonishing array of flora and fauna. With a third of the country covered by the Amazon jungle, a large number of animals know the illegal traffic. Too few people are aware that having exotic animals at home endangers wild animal populations. There is the center of Merazonia that welcomes these animals to rehabilitate them in their wilderness. Real hero for the local fauna.

Episode 9 : Chile

« On The Road to… a travelling grape »

Environment respect / Biodynamics.

Conquistadors of the XVIth century unwittingly saved the Spanish wine, bringing with them vines to plant in the Chilean territory. A bit more than two hundred years later, European vineyards were devastated by phylloxera, causing the disappearance of many old vine species. Thanks to Chilean viticulture, vineyards have been replanted on the Spanish soil. Today in Chile, winemakers continue harvesting these grapes respecting the land and its regeneration cycle. Biodynamic farming can limit or increase the vineyards productivity following the microbiological activity of soil, the lunar cycles and avoiding the use of treatment products.

Episode 4 : Costa Rica

« On The Road to… the biological corridors »

Environment protection

The presence of the human being influences the local environment; the fauna and flora are brought to change. In Costa Rica, we will meet people who are involved in the protection of their environment and who are putting in place actions to preserve terrestrial and marine biodiversity in the Osa Peninsula. Their objectives are to promote wildlife, restore the ecosystem and reforest with native species to maintain the biological corridors necessary for the survival of multiple species. Their actions help manage ecosystems, improve scientific knowledge and create sustainable economic opportunities.

Episode 6 : Colombia

« On The Road to… a new birth»


Recycling has become a daily routine and many things we use around the house are already recycled products. There are various materials which can be reused and have a second life. We will discover a new recycling system, which recycles plastic into building materials and allows the newly recycled materials to be rapidly assembled. This is ideal in disaster situations, as it will help emergency responders to act more rapidly in rebuilding damaged infrastructure.

Episode 8 : Peru

« On The Road to… a water guardian »

Environment protection

Water is one of the most important resources of Earth. Healthy aquatic areas are habitats for fauna and flora. With growing cities and industries, these spaces become increasingly contaminated and this has a direct impact on people, animals and vegetation. Marino Morikawa managed to create a very simple system which uses basic materials, which enables the cleaning and decontamination of rivers and lakes and therefore helping the species return to their original habitat and providing a healthier and nicer living space.

Episode 10 : Argentina

« On The Road to… a special village »

Environment respect

There are many self-sufficient communities in the world, especially in Argentina. They mainly operate in complete autonomy thanks to each members know-how and skills. These are areas with a lot of knowledge on respect for the earth and local environment. We will meet the people involved in these communities to understand their self-management mode, and their impact on the environment.